After registering for an account and using the HostGator coupon code, setting a webmail can be easy. For this example, using the name,, type in the name of the person using the email. It is best to use the person’s first initial and last name. Next, create a password, you can have the person create their own password, you create it or have the password generator create one. If you have the password generator create a password, it will create a series of numbers and letters. If you create one, here are common ways to come up with a password:

a)First of all, use a series of letters, number, and symbols. Better yet, add to the mix of capitalizing the first letter of a word.
b)Use the combination of the first three letters of your children’s names, hobbies, or first car.
c)Never use the social security number, not even the last four digits.
d)Keep it simple so that you can remember, but complicated for hackers to get to.