Vince DelMonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building program provides people with the skinny gene five rules to use when fighting generations of your family’s genetics. First, it is wise to make sure to do compound exercises, which means that you do an exercise that works out more than just one muscle. Make sure that you have an intense workout, but not so intense that you overexert yourself. By doing intense workouts you increase your heart rate, which adds blood to your muscles and stimulates growth in hormone and testosterone levels; this helps the muscles to form.

Next, the idea is to lift weights as heavy as you can without injuring yourself, and by doing this you have the room to keep on adding more and more weight in the course of your week. Fourth, is to remember when working out, to work out the entire body. Lastly, never over train, and make sure you have just as much time to rest and recover as you have to work out.